You Can Cum Three More Times, Right?

"You Can Cum Three More Times, Right?" A Wife Who Is Made to Cum Many Times by Her Peerless Brother-In-Law Before Her Husband Comes Home /「あと3回はイケるよね?」夫の帰宅前、絶倫義弟に何度もハメ倒される妻

Authors : Fuka Nanashiki

Status : ONGOING

Genres :

Chapters: 64

Last update: 2 days ago

3.1 /5 (80 votes)

"He didn't touch me again today." Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor has sex with her. She's spent her days losing confidence as a woman. One day, when Nanami goes out to buy her husband's birthday cake, she happens to meet her husband's younger brother, Nozomu. Nanami invites him to come over because he's her relative. Nozomu accepts the invitation. The two of them wait for Nanami's husband to return, but he doesn't seem to come back Nozomu pretends to be drunk and touches Nanami. The pleasure attacks Nanami's frustrated body. They can't stop this relationship now that it's been switched once...

You Can Cum Three More Times, Right?