Weak PointChapter 120 - The End

Kim Dong-Jin, a contract worker at the bottom of a law firm, is often looked down upon by Yoo Seo-Rin, an elite lawyer near the top. But one day, their relationship turns 180 degrees…

Water OverflowChapter 105HOT

“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in

WarbleChapter 116 - The End

Humans live in the overworld, and demons in the underworld. There is only one way for humans to travel between the worlds. Mankind’s last hope: WARBLE.

What She Fell on Was the Tip of My DickChapter 60

“It feels so good, my hips are moving on their own…!” Her wet pussy leads right to sex! He can’t stop having sex with this super sexy girl!!!

What’s Going OnChapter 151

Friends since middle school, Yipeul and Dawoon rekindle their friendship after Yipeul returns from military deployment. To celebrate Yipeul’s return, Dawoon plans a surprise—she waits for him in his closet with some birthday cake one night. The surpr

Wet WomenChapter 84 - The End

Hye Juri works as a delivery driver for one reason: to find a man who can satisfy her!

Watch DogChapter 67 - The End

There’s only one way to stop the hyenas from going for the big piece of meat. I have to become the king to protect my owner.

Why Did You Come To My HomeEpilogue

Jade is told that her childhood friend from China is going to stay at her house. Yet, the grown man who arrives at her door is no longer the sweet boy from her distant memories, rather far from it. As she struggles to re-adjust to their new life toge

Who Did You Do It WithChapter 33

A nostalgic hometown that came back after a long life in Seoul. Jongseok spends a good time meeting the girls in memories. However, a strange letter arrives at him… “Don’t you forget to take responsibility?”

Woman’s Best FriendChapter 108 - The End

What’s good looking, has a stoic work ethic, and has a tendency to bark loudly? The “Mad Dog” of Sungwoon Publishing, Suh Woojoon. Tae-ryung, the newest addition to his team, strives to meet his standards but his perfectionism seems to know no bounds

Wife TrainingChapter 24 - The End

I’m a helpless virgin. But who needs to know that? Online, everyone thinks I’m a sex god… enough to offer me his wife. Could I really tame her?

Who Made Me a PrincessChapter 125

When I opened my eyes, I had become a princess! But out of all the characters from this romance novel to be reborn into, why must it be the princess whose fate it is to die by the hands of her own blood-related father, the emperor?! If I want to live

White Angels Have No WingsEpilogue

A Catholic school where everything seems tranquil and fine. But for Ayeon, a day doesn’t pass without getting bullied until one day, Yeonhwa steps in against the bullies. Ayeon is grateful for Yeonhwa but what she doesn’t realize is that there seems

What Subaru Sarashina Says Goes!Chapter 36

You are mine!” He put me on his knee and kissed erotically in front of camera…! And he carried me into bed like a princess…

Workplace RomanceChapter 35

Say goodbye to the never-ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead. But it doesn't make any sense that you're my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That's how I'll do it, I'll find out her wea

Wave Pool RawChapter 12

In the hot summer, the swimsuit (?!) and the half-naked girl floated away from the water park we went to play?! She with huge breasts sticks to my body to hide her naked body and can't think of falling... In the meantime, the waves in the pool get st

Women Divers RawChapter 48

The start of a life-changing case with an unexpected structure The secret of the Haenyeo hidden in her glamorous body... Narrow hole?! A Haenyeo who has become her target, her who will have her ..!

Wife Training RawChapter 52

Hee-Ju, who is about to get married a day before the marriage, has a one-night stay at the first club he goes to play. Afflicted with guilt, she panics when she learns that her marriage partner is a one-night partner. But his touch gradually began to

Wet Madam RawChapter 16

Onsen Ryokan Alba student's conquest of married woman!! The unpleasant female body with dissatisfaction is always in a state of excitement!! Daisuke Ohashi, a lodging and boarding room at the secret hot spring ryokan, “Non-Tang Hyang”.

Wifes Friend RawChapter 90

Hyun-soo has a good lawyer wife. But when he meets Ju-hee, a company colleague approaching Hyun-soo in the midst of this. The more dangerous secrets hidden behind Juhees deadly temptations shake the life of Hyunsu

Will You Go Home RawChapter 18.5

“He said he came to see the room… Where are you looking now?” Sharehouse was full of sound. The rent was lowered, but it... got bigger?!

Water Overflow RawChapter 105

“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in

Winter short story: Can I like you Mister?Chapter 8

"I did it, with a man I saw for the first time". A winter romance story, between an older salaryman and a younger girl.A Collab Work by E.M.T and FleX

We've Got A Dirty Back Account RawChapter 5


Where is My Hammer?Chapter 51

Loki Laufeyson, a student studying abroad charged with stealing Thor's hammer, Mjolnir' which disappeared overnight. A spectacular harem lives with the beautiful goddesses who will come into contact with him to find the missing Thor's hammer.

Wanna live by the countryside?Chapter 25.5

After being discharged from the military, Jinwoo started working as a share house manager in his hometown. He accidentally reunites with his childhood bully friends. Can things be different now?'

Wild Play OutsideChapter 18

“Just show him.” I’m suddenly being wildly desired by my colleague… Even though my ex is right in front of me, I’ll come if you rub me there any more…

What Do I Do Now?Chapter 124HOT

Shim Jae Seop was shocked by the sudden breakup notice.The three members, Soo Ah, Si Hyun, and Ae Ri, comforted the injured Jae Seop and drank together.But What happened? And "What do I do now?"

Why Can't i Have Sex With My Teacher?Chapter 30

“Nipples would… get hard when you’re feeling good.” Private lessons on sex with a naïve and bratty girl!! Now he’s teaching her how to make her body climax…!?

Wanna Service RawChapter 38

Jaemin, who has started a social life, starts selling phones at the suggestion of a close older sister who promises to make him a lot of money. That's how I got involved with women... “It’s been a while since we met, so let’s play like adults”

Wait, I’m a Married Woman!Chapter 41

Saeyeon was like a second mother to Wonhee. She took care of him since infancy, but now Wonhee is a full-grown man.

Welcome to Kids CafeChapter 105

Jae-ho, a part-time student forced to work in a Kid Cafe spent his difficult day with polarized mothers with the promise that his childhood friend will not tell him in front of his parents that he was having sex in his apartment with a certain girl.

Wife Game RawChapter 19

One day, Ho-Jun receives a video phone call from his wife. In the video where his wife is tied to a chair with no cover on her body, a masked man appears and asks Ho-Jun to do meaningless daily tasks to save his wife.

WIFE GAMEChapter 19

While he was having a good time with girls working at the karaoke, HO-JUN gets a video call. "If you don't send me a video that you're having sex with those girls, I'll kill your wife." The video call was from a strange man with a mask on and HO-JUN

Women of GodChapter 24

Zeus was reincarnated as a human named "Jaewoo", and must dominate all the goddesses before returning to Olympus "Just you watch, if I put my mind to it, I'll make them mine in no time!!"

Why Would Anyone Cheat on Someone…?Chapter 21

Used to be disgusted by the idea of having an affair, but I’ve realized how much it turned me on to hear my childhood friend’s moans through the walls after she moved into the apartment next to mine…

With My Brother’s FriendsChapter 15

It hasn't even been that long since Son Yeonhee's brother, Son Yeolchan, forbids her from drinking but then she gets caught. by her brother's friends!

Where is Goddess RawChapter 141

Changwook Changwook, an engineering college student who is a loner. One day, he learns the secret secrets of female college students who are called the engineering goddesses... "Can't you keep it a secret? Instead... I'll give you a suck."

Wish Partner RawChapter 31

A male university student with a unique talent - Kien An, in order to gain the size of a normal human, secretly goes to a famous statue to grant a wish, and while doing so Wish, he happened to meet a female classmate. Looking at each other, Kien An p

Welcome To Open Sex Class ~Class 1-H’s Sex Workshop~Chapter 21

“Please,” his classmate begs as she raises his hand to cup her soft, yielding breast, while his hot member probes at her moist entrance. Make me a hot mess…

Wild EyesChapter 82

Eun Woo's never been one for attention. She's kept her head low in the palace ever since she first arrived, and all she's focused on is doing a good job. Her peaceful life is broken, however, when the prince calls her to his bedroom. Lee Hyun is know

Winter short story: Merry Sex FriendsChapter 5

Sehyun has been charmed by the wonders of Christmas since her childhood, but her perspective changes as she becomes more adult. She wants to share the joys of Christmas with her friends, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Sehyun is forced to take m

Weak Point RawChapter 120

Kim Dongjin works at a law firm as a contracted employee. He dislikes Yoo Serin, the youngest lawyer at the law firm because she neglected his case. She is much younger than him, isn’t cheap, and because of their difference in status, he is stuck. Th

Welcome to the Isekai Convenience StoreChapter 25

Kim Dojin' is the manager of a convenience store in the other world he was suddenly pulled into. He was spending his days in a body that didn't get aroused when a virgin girl who came to his store revived his senses?! "The taste of a clumsy virgin gi

Wife for 1000 DaysChapter 81

Ever since she married rich hottie Seon Moon-hyuk, people began to call Jo Eunae the Cinderella of the 21st Century'. But Eunae's life is no fairy tale, and her marriage well, it's barely even real! Imagine still being a virgin after three years of m

Who Cares If I'm a Loser!Chapter 40

Kihyeon’s dream is to leave his hometown and start a new life in college. Will he be able to turn his life around?

We Family Ok RawChapter 51HOT

Jeong-jin is married to a single mother who has a daughter. I feel happy with the fence of family', but I keep my eyes on her overly defenseless daughter in her house "What am I thinking..?! Even if she doesn't have a drop of blood, Yoona is my daugh

Wait RawChapter 15

"The only way to get a good night's sleep is to drain this man's energy?!" Biya, who has seen ghosts since childhood, is told by a shaman to beware of men. As if that statement is true, as soon as Biya becomes a college student, she starts living wit