Her SummonChapter 117 - The End

Due to a misuse of a word joke on live TV broadcast, girl group otaku, ‘Jin-Kyung’ ended up becoming doxxed and labeled as a “child predator”, and ended up getting Social Anxiety Disorder. 3 years later, because of his past incident from the 3D world

HousekeeperChapter 49 - The End

Taejun, a public student, leaves her girlfriend Junghyun behind, and breaks up with Yura, whom she met at the study, and breaks up with Junghyun. After the breakup, Tae-jun becomes a public servant, meets Min-ah, the mayor’s daughter, promises marria

Hero ManagerChapter 28 - Season 1 Finale

Cha Hyeon-seong used to have it all: incredible powers, a promising future as a hero, and a sweet girlfriend. Then he lost his powers, became a lowly manager for other heroes, and got dumped. At the peak of his despair, Hyeon-seong crosses paths with

His ReturnChapter 26 - The End

Is he really the guy who weighed over 100 kilos? Jayden returns to school and he’s back to get revenge on his bullies.

Hahri’s Lumpy BoardhouseChapter 32 - The End

When the hottest girl in school offers Wonyoung a part-time position at her family’s women-only boarding house, Wonyoung is stoked. But when she ditches him and her family yelling how she doesn’t want to work at a boarding house filled with a bunch o

Her 4 IncherChapter 132

“Our customer’s beloved service wasn’t for the high heels, it was for my weapon.” Jin-woo., who happened to work at his Uncle’s shoe shop. As he continues with his boring day at work, beautiful women start popping up in his life!

His Women’s UniversityChapter 175

My dream of being in a school filled with women, is finally coming true!! But wait.. Do they really think I’m a girl?!!

Her Toy ShopChapter 75 - The End

The reunion with a friend from high school. Her shop is strange and she tries all of the products she sells. Even the anal plug!

Household AffairsChapter 85

Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy, but unbeknownst to her, her husband is an assassin.

House MaidChapter 69

Doo Jun-ho, the foremost 40-year-old living in a beautiful lawyers wife and elite son in a large company. When the housekeeper comes to his house to take care of his eyes and heart, he begins to dream of a small departure.

Her SituationChapter 41

Having to lie about a nonexistent girlfriend to date a charming girl. Is this relationship going to work out?

Hardcore VanillaChapter 34 - Side Story 4 (The End)

“Tie me up and punish me. I want to be your dog…” Chanhee has a major crush on Eunjo, the campus goddess. Tired of waiting around, he decides to join her in her secret fetishes – stepping foot into the wild, wild world of BDSM. What Chanhee doesn’t r

He QueenChapter 100 - The End

Stew Shin, the only guy at his school, started off getting bullied by girls but slowly starts to fight his way to the top. A story of why you should never judge a book by its cover!

High School DevilChapter 284

People know me as the High School Devil. I moved schools and changed my name to start a new life, but things keep getting in the way…

H-CampusChapter 71 - The End

Even a virgin can become an AV star! The journey of an AV star leading the new Korean fever trend!

Hahri’s Lumpy StarChapter 37

Dongsoo’s a loser, no doubt about it. He’s unreliable, unemployed, and unlikely to get laid any time soon. At least, until he runs into Geumsil on a train to Seoul. Short skirt and and boob window aside, she’s way out of Dongsoo’s league. But, that a

H-MateChapter 101 - The Cane's Love 4 (The End)

Jang-Mi and Taebong’s long time friendship is put to the test after they both sleep together for one night. Friends for 15 years. But everything changed overnight. Is she more than a friend?

HadomaeChapter 52 - Epilogue

While posing as a nude model for a croquis class, Jaehee spots a man staring a little too intently at her body. More specifically, at her feet. She later finds out the man is a shoemaker and foot fetishist. Though Jaehee is initially taken aback by h

Her Dirty Thirty ScandalChapter 25 - The End

A lifetime of hard work has finally paid off for Serin. She’s got a nice apartment, a promotion at work, but something’s missing. A piece of her that she’s pushed away for so long that when it comes back, it beats faster and throbs harder than she co

Head Over HeelsChapter 63 - The End

Woohyun is rich, good-looking and popular… but he also happens to be a total bully. His punching bag is Ha Yan, a stuttering and amenable girl in his class. Woohyun likes nothing more than harassing her… The weird thing is, Ha Yan actually seems to c

HappyChapter 32 - The End

I believed I could become happy one day. I desperately tried, and I finally became happy. At least until I met him.

How to Open a Triangular RiceballChapter 90 - Side Story

A youthful romance for those who think they are unhappy.

HappeningChapter 86 - The End

What’s going on?! People’s bodies are turning RED!

HousematesChapter 16 - The End

I suddenly started living with the most popular girl in school… But what does she want from me…?

Her TimeChapter 30 - The End

My wife died in an accident. But when I finally go back to teach… she comes back to me as my student?

Her PetChapter 74

Gayoon decides to enroll into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha’s loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha’s once true friend – Happy, Soha’s pe

How About Having Dinner Together?Chapter 46 - The End

Do-hee Woo and Hae-Gyung Kim are both young and single, each with a history of broken relationships in their past. They meet one day while trying to dine alone at the same restaurant and they soon become friends who eat together every week. But with

He Loves MeEpilogue - Creator's Note

Always dreaming of a handsome prince on a white horse, Gong Jiwoo has been waiting for the day to confess her feelings to her prince Han Taejoon. However, the least expected person has got her fired up with jealousy. What will it take to make you min

Hero Has ReturnedChapter 97

Kim Min-soo, a hero who saved another world with the single thought of returning home. He saved the world, but couldn’t save himself, and decides to destroy the world. This story is about the last moments of the heroes, a cold reality with no happy e

Hyulla’s ClanChapter 116 - The End

Surh Jung-woo developed Gynophobia because of his trauma when he was younger. Even as a college student he is still afraid of women, but Yoon hae-soo is a angel like existence for Jung-woo because of his fear. He starts dating after thinking he could

High School Legend Red DragonChapter 182

The title as the best fighter among the high school gang members. People called him the high school legend, Red Dragon.

How to Use an AngelChapter 88

A bunch of thugs holding a demonic invocation have kidnapped Kiom to use as their sacrificial offering. Just as she’s about to be attacked, though, the wall before her crumbles, giving way to a tall, glowing figure. The newcomer is more handsome than

Here Comes the Fiancée!Chapter 12

His fiancee lost her parents so she will be living with the Hyun's, but Sang-Won is a middle schooler and the fiancee is a 24-year-old adult!? Sang-Won tries to deny that his fiancee is 9 years older than him, but seeing that she does not act her age

Hidden Under My Daughter's Bed During SexChapter 9

I shouldn’t be… Doing this…! The moans of the daughter echo through the room… While her boyfriend relentlessly teases her… Seeing her daughter’s situation, the mother becomes a woman again…!

Hime Koukan: Otaku Circle no Hime ga Kareshi Koukan wo Goshomou na KenChapter 40

Two couples, both led astray by lust, get a novel idea and decide to swap partners.

Hurry Up RawChapter 48.6


Hagure Idol JigokuhenChapter 81

This is the story of Misora Haebaru, an 18-year-old karate expert from Okinawa who went to Tokyo to enter the entertainment industry in hopes of supporting her family. She gets tricked into being a gravure idol who wears lewd clothing and is forced e

House Maid RawChapter 101.5

Doo Jun-ho, the foremost 40-year-old living in a beautiful lawyer's wife and elite son in a large company. When the housekeeper comes to his house to take care of his eyes and heart, he begins to dream of a small departure.

HeavenChapter 72

It all started with a choice to get out of debt and just like that, I became the king of the night.

Hiai MousouVol.3 Chapter 18

A teacher named Kadomae Kazuma has the principal's daughter Noeda Kanade for his class in a new school semester. At first glance, she appears to be a quiet girl, but she's awakening her aberrant love towards Kazuma!? This is a psycho-love story that

Her VoiceChapter 48

She has never told me what she really thinks… But now I can hear her thoughts!

Harem Boy RawChapter 28

'Daemul' Woo-sung moved to the city from the countryside!! I started boarding with my two daughters at my mother's junior's house...

Her Vlog RawChapter 24

Seran dreams of success with breathtaking streaming! The story of her entertainment and real love begins! -Delicious Hyeongsu, the new work of an immoral Jeongseok!

House Keeper RawChapter 49

Taejun, a public student, leaves her girlfriend Junghyun behind, and breaks up with Yura, whom she met at the study, and breaks up with Junghyun. After the breakup, Tae-jun becomes a public servant, meets Min-ah, the mayor’s daughter, promises marria


A sexy married woman visits a struggling hypnotherapy clinic. She mistakes JEONG-TAE for her husband under hypnosis, and even asks for sex. Using this power He plans to get his first love back!

HugoChapter 40

Jan finds himself strangely attracted to Hugo Jamil. Is it true love Jan seeks, or a sense of stability?

Hey, HandsomeChapter 100HOT

Park Young-hoon is a plastic surgeon avoided by his patients because of his ugly appearance. After having his heart crushed by the woman he had a crush on, he decides to change his life by undergoing full-body surgery.After the surgery, Young-hoon be

His Voice RawChapter 24

One day, Young-Chul finds out that the married woman who became entangled in Phonesex is Ji-ae, a doctor's wife with dignity. Young-Chul starts going straight to make her a real sexist. Can Young-Chul, a dirt spoon, turn his dream doctor's wife into