Bunking BedChapter 9

Seungbin who finally got into the prestigious university lives with a mysterious roommate. The next day, he attempts to greet his roommate in anticipationThe person lying on the bed is a woman?! His bland college life has started to get more exciting

A Wonderful New World RawChapter 167

Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then

Daughter Friend RawChapter 75HOT

Sihun is raising his daughter alone while living the life of an idol in the past and a composer now. He accidentally browses his daughter's SNS and falls in love with the girl who is his ideal type. Then, one day, Sihun crosses a line he shouldn't cr

Sextudy Group RawChapter 48

I started studying to get close to my favorite senior. Sector D? A "special class" for Huyn-ho, a new university student, begins. "Come on, hold your waist. I'm going to stick it in here, got it?"

New Town RawChapter 66

"Teacher... Is it possible to add more classes?" A special class from study book teacher Himchan, who never gets quiet for a day because of married women in dense new towns.

Unlock Her Heart RawChapter 22

"Are you certain that you will choose the A cup over the D cup?".Like everyone else, I also had a solid plan for my life. However, I have been a spinster for 2 months, and working part-time at a convenience store shop is not really enjoyable. Until w

Sok Gung Hap Consulting RawChapter 48

Her personality is perfect with her pure and pure girlfriend, but her gender X doesn't match. I want to be in a relationship that tightens and fills in just the right way. Is there any consulting that can tell you this?

Tomb Raider KingChapter 373

The God’s Tombs started to appear around the world. Due to the relics within these tombs, many were able to wield these legendary power for themselves, while others became enslaved to these users. However, a Tomb Raider appears with the purpose of ro

The Max Level Hero has Returned!Chapter 110

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero! “Just you guys wait, I’m gonna fac

A Scorching Hot Day with A Broken Air Conditioner. If I Keep Having Sex with My Sweaty Childhood Friend…Chapter 122

As I forcibly fondle my childhood friend in a humid room, something that’s clearly not sweat starts flowing out from her crotch…!? On a scorching hot day, my childhood friend, Rei, mounts my shoulders in an attempt to fix the broken air conditioner i

Is There No Goddess in My College?Chapter 58

Chang-Wook is an outsider as an engineering student. But one day, he discovers the secret of the girls considered goddesses at his college "Can you please keep this a secret? In return I'll suck your dick"

Obscene Private Lesson RawChapter 68

Jeong-Seop is tutoring the daughter of his mother's friend. On the first day of tutoring, the panties hanging in the bathroom can't be resisted and are stolen. I tried to put it back right away, but my aunt caught it... Contrary to the thought that I

Hypnomancer RawChapter 40

A sexy married woman visits a struggling hypnotherapy clinic. She mistakes JEONG-TAE for her husband under hypnosis, and even asks for sex. Using this power He plans to get his first love back!

Bad Relationship RawChapter 7

Chae-Seon, a workaholic teacher who applied after seeing only success, grew fond of her young student, Do-Gyeom, and Do-Gyeom also developed special feelings for Chae-Seon. However, Chae-Seon pushes Do-Gyeom away because of her own success and the in

When Did We Start Dating?!Chapter 18

When did we start dating?!'So you're saying that we're not dating, but we're sex partners?!!'Jinho', who's going to be discharged from his military service soon, without him knowing became sex partners with his childhood friend Juri' (previously a sc

Campus LoveChapter 39

After a humiliating breakup, Kibum suffers from recurring nightmares of his cheating ex. But a new school year always comes with the added anticipation of romance, and Kibum is more than determined to spice up his love life once again!

Teacher’s LessonChapter 28

Handsome and an alpha male a source of many girls' attraction, but only one woman held his gaze, his heart and that was his homeroom math teacher "Ms lee so-won, I'm attracted to you".

Intern Haenyeo RawChapter 18

It's the generation of the Corona outbreak! Due to a shortage of medical personnel, "Hwang Gwangho," an intern doctor, was forcibly assigned to a place called "Mermaid Village."One day, he meets "Hyeyeon," one of the village's Haen-Yeos who is defens

I Wanna Be a Daughter ThiefChapter 64HOT

No matter how good you are, you can't succeed without money and a bag Ji-hoon, who realized life early on, concludes that the only way to become rich is by stealing. How to steal the most valuable things without going to jail! He stole the bodies and

Flying High RawChapter 28HOT

Jeong Hyuk' prioritizes the part-time job that he starts tomorrow over love.From his tuition to his living expenses Jeong Hyuk, to whom love is a luxury, also had a first love he couldn't forget. He met her, whom he thought he'd never see again, once

Let it beChapter 48

Three years ago, Seoyoon broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years, Noah. Her past relationship left her traumatized, unable, and unwilling to go through such an experience again. But Noah, even after breaking up with her, stills loves her and wants th

Climb on TopChapter 70

Hara gets handpicked to work as secretary to the CEO, "trained" by his own ambitious nephew, Han Seung-ho. It's a dangerous game of seduction and workplace politics one that demands careful treading on Hara's part. But while she skillfully lays out

Illicit LoveChapter 31

A perfect wife, a perfect workplace Nothing seemed more perfect than this. But my life started to be swayed after seeing that man. The thought of that bastard hugging my wife won't leave my head! So it's all your fault that I'm swayed!

Teacher Lesson RawChapter 34

Well, alpha man... If there was anyone who could fit all kinds of modifiers, it was only me. There was a person who gave me the only thrill. That's our class teacher, math teacher... "Teacher, I... I think I'm actually attracted to you."

Wife for 1000 DaysChapter 26

Ever since she married rich hottie Seon Moon-hyuk, people began to call Jo Eunae the Cinderella of the 21st Century'. But Eunae's life is no fairy tale, and her marriage well, it's barely even real! Imagine still being a virgin after three years of m

My Sister-in-law’s SkirtChapter 20

Unfortunately for Siyoung, the first woman he meets that suits his taste was his brother's wife. His sister-in-law, who is increasingly frustrated with her marriage life, and Siyoung, who got attached to her. What kind of future awaits the three?

Meeting you againChapter 10

Kyung-Soo, a high school teacher has his eye on Yura, a girl student who resembles his first love. Even if I draw the line by saying "I am a teacher and she is a student", Yura tempts me even more "Sir I am an adult now so don't hold back."

Skirt of Brother's Wife RawChapter 21

Unfortunately, the ideal woman Si-young meets for the first time is his brother's wife. What future awaits the three of us?

Release RawChapter 6

Hyun-Woo got a job as the manager of a famous release girl group. As if they had planned and succeeded, the five members begin to seduce Hyun-Woo. "How long will the manager last?"

Cheer Up, NamjooChapter 38HOT

Oh-Namjoo, strongly disciplined and good athletic frame, just showed his strong erection in front of his seniors. He thought that his school life was over, but he did not notice the secret gazes of the school goddesses looking at him?! Are the tempta

DeliveryChapter 16

SEUNG-JUN went down to his hometown and started delivering food. As if it were fate, he saw a girl who looked like his first love on a delivery, and his imagination went wild. Somehow, it turned out that he would deliver to that house every day. The

Bitch Girl RawChapter 22

Nam-Hyeon, who is recognized as a full-time student of a prestigious university due to an accidental accident, decides to drop out but continues to attend school due to a strange whisper from her assistant sister. Don't know if the teaching assistant

Troublesome Sister RawChapter 101

Eun-Seol, who always took care of me and played with me when my friends didn't play with me because I was sick. The problem is that even when you become an adult, you treat them like a baby. In the end, even when I came to college, the nickname Bae-d

Circles RawChapter 103

“You are just my type!” Jeon Jae-woo joins P&M, a theater and film club after twists and turns. But what? The beauties of the club actively attack Jeon Jae-woo! Will Jaewoo really be able to survive the offensive of the girls and win her own love?

My Sister’s Friends RawChapter 49

Woo Do-min, who is studying for the civil service exam, is distracted by his sister's friends. He then one day fell in love with Seon-Hwa, who works at a flower shop, and asked for help from his sisters. "The method I told you want to try it on me no

My Sister’s FriendsChapter 47

Woo Do-min, who is studying for the civil service exam, is distracted by his sister's friends. He then one day fell in love with Seon-Hwa, who works at a flower shop, and asked for help from his sisters. "The method i told you want to try it on me no

Mercenary EnrollmentChapter 112

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.

Breaking A Romantic Fantasy VillainChapter 14

I found myself trapped in a romance fantasy novel I was reading. Things seemed to be fine until Flower of the Empire', Seria Siegfried was given to me as my slave, and now I have no choice but to break her if I am to survive and escape from this twis

The Shop of Pleasure RawChapter 10

Working for a long time but was still a pauper...

Water Overflow RawChapter 92

“Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?” Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women’s swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in

Not a friend – What do I call her as? RawChapter 23

Christmas Eve, at the age of 21. "Geonwoo", who is single once again this year, didn't think much about his childhood friend, Haru's, suggestion of spending the eve together. "Do you remember when we said that we should help each other out if we are

Icelove RawChapter 36HOT

0.4 seconds... I've been practicing all my life to shorten only 0.4 seconds. But why can't I win over that naughty child... At that time when I was depressed, the senior said. "Can you tell me how to make a better record? Prepare yourself for today."

Sex StopwatchChapter 25

"Hey, Loser Joo. Did you just secretly look at my chest and panties?" Just before the ordinary repeating student, loser Joo-Oh-Young was going to get hit by a popular girl with a sexy body, he awakened the king's ability and stopped time! "How dare y

Revenge RawChapter 9

A person who has wealth, A person with High Social Status A child born with his father's golden spoon that denoted all those words. That person was my older brother. Although I was an orphan that was adopted out of amusement and curiosity. I was grat

Manager, Please Scold MeChapter 3

Joon-Hyun, tired of his female superior's constant nagging, decides to retaliate by confessing to her He was certain that the relationship started out as a joke, but seeing his manager whimper beneath him instilled a sense of sadism in him.

Keep it a secret from your mother!Chapter 67.7HOT

Hae-Seong is staying at his mom’s friend’s house whose name is Yeona. He thought it would be enough study well at school but the top students are good at love too. “The classroom wasn’t only for studying…?!

Close FamilyChapter 30

Daeman' had been adopted into a rich family as a little boy but while they called him son, his life was no different than a servant's. His heart would pound whenever he saw Najeong', the only family member who was nice to him, even until he grew up t

Not Safe for Work ♡Chapter 17

Juho, who works part-time at a convenience store while attending school, has a crush on Ruri, a fellow part-timer who started working two months ago. "I want to date"