Neulsome StudioChapter 22

For 7 years, I have had a crush on my friend's girlfriend, but suddenly she became my girlfriend. How is that even possible? Well, it's all thanks to a well-written script that I composed. A good storyline is what immerses the actors. In the drama "C

The Four Of Us Can’t Live TogetherChapter 33

Late job seeker Jiho'.He was able to escape his unemployment because of Sehee' Noona, his childhood friend, whom he hasn't met in a long time!I thought I would be working but what? A pyramid scheme? And Noona was in it too?! "Jiho, I what should I do

Hey Mister!Chapter 50

Deok-soo is living at his wife's house with her family. Is he going to be their pillar of support now? Kim Deok-soo's chaotic and dazzling romance begins!

Sexy Virtual ElfChapter 14

Minhyuk, who used to be an athlete, breaks his leg in an accident and faces difficulties in his relationship with his girlfriend Eunjin. In response, his friend Yoon Chan recommended a VR game he developed. Within this game, he experiences new stimul

S ClassChapter 12

Sangcheol had just returned to school after finishing his military service. He tries to win over the freshman queen Yeonoh, but "Could it be your first time, sunbae?"The virgin Sangcheol who had his pride hurt, begs Heesu to teach him some techniques

Training an Evil Young LadyChapter 15

The real world's Lee Sungeum gets transported into the body of Teo Gaspell', servant of the 8th tyrant Ira Phone Tarenterra, in the novel "Villain Hunters". According to how the original novel goes, his fate is to be executed with the other evil ladi

Is It Your Mother or Sister?Chapter 23

The sweet scent of my mother's embrace, just like 3 years ago. I was lying on the same bed with my mom like when I was young, but she began to see me as a man I can give you everything, my son'.

Young AuntChapter 3

Hyun-soo, who lost his first love, his private tutor to his father. spends his days being constantly ignored by his tiny aunt who appeared out of nowhere, to the point where he forgets even his heartbreak. "Let's go out with me, Kim Hyun-soo." And th

Is There No Goddess in My College?Chapter 119

Chang-Wook is an outsider as an engineering student. But one day, he discovers the secret of the girls considered goddesses at his college "Can you please keep this a secret? In return I'll suck your dick"

Pleasure up!Chapter 41

"Your chili pepper is too small".Min-chan is friends with the goddess Zin-ah in his department. the two of them had a drinking party in their own room.The atmosphere ripens with the drinks, and as soon as Min-chan is about to finish, a shocking fact

The Bathhouse RawChapter 43

In a quiet rural town, the natural hot spring "manse-tang" has been passed down from generation to generation, "Jin-Ho", tasked with running the public bathhouse alone before the opening of the new business, is left with his only employee, her next-d

Is It Your Mother or Sister? RawChapter 26

The sweet scent of my mother's embrace, just like 3 years ago. I was lying on the same bed with my mom like when I was young, but she began to see me as a man I can give you everything, my son'.

Grand Disciple RawChapter 67

Yong-Min was dumped every single time he had sex because of his oversized dick. One night, when he was working overtime, he witnessed a woman's orgasm?!!"Please accept me as your disciple!!" said Yong-min who soon later became a disciple of a master

Training an Evil Young Lady RawChapter 17

The real world's Lee Sungeum gets transported into the body of Teo Gaspell', servant of the 8th tyrant Ira Phone Tarenterra, in the novel "Villain Hunters". According to how the original novel goes, his fate is to be executed with the other evil ladi

Love Choice RawChapter 21

Goo Taejun has difficulties talking with girls as he graduated from an all-boys middle and high school. He tried talking through girls in a dating sim, but that's the only thing he got good at. However, on a particular day, he's able to see a status

Frequency RawChapter 28

"You can control others any way you want?" Juwon is a university student who is ignored by his female lab mates. By chance, he hears a certain sound alongside Yerim, who says: "I'm sorry, please accept my apology!" Time to train these arrogant girls!

Summer with Mother and Daughter RawChapter 40

Kim Se-Myung, a poor medical student, is invited by his girlfriend to spend the summer giving private classes in the mountains. There he meets a beautiful mother, a housekeeper, and a girl who looks like a doll. A young woman who is mesmerized by her

The Real Deal RawChapter 41

"From now on, I'm going to fuck her, so you film it". The only person in the hellish school who gave me warm harm was the class president, Choi Suen' but her enemies tried to harm her by force Can I save her from the scum that have lost their humanit

Women's University RawChapter 51

After returning from the army, the university he was attending closed, and the protagonist, Sang-Cheol, transferred to the nearest women's university. Sang-Cheol, the only male student at Songjin Women's University, where absurdity is an everyday occ

Queen Bee RawChapter 309

Yu Dal-li (Darla), the daughter of the landlord and girlfriend of the school gang's boss, is the absolute power to the tenant, Jun-Pyo (Junnie). She always treats him as a peasant at school, but when only the two are left at home, they take a complet

Boobie TrapChapter 69

"I've always had feelings for you Let's do it." Growing up, Hyun-woo has always been confident and popular. But his job has not been easy. One day, he gets accused of an office scandal. Now, he's ready to fight back and show them what he's made of.

MadamChapter 93

At the age of 13, Dolsoe, who blushed just looking at the youngest woman, soon grew up to be a strong young man. There is a different tension between the woman who has become more mature and beautiful and her childhood friend Yeoreum

Welcome to the Isekai Convenience Store RawChapter 9

Kim Dojin' is the manager of a convenience store in the other world he was suddenly pulled into. He was spending his days in a body that didn't get aroused when a virgin girl who came to his store revived his senses?! "The taste of a clumsy virgin gi

Smart App LifeChapter 37

Kim Min-Joon, who joined a university film appreciation club, is often teased by his friends for not drinking at gatherings. He ends up on errands for his club seniors and discovers an old smartphone in the storage roomDing! [Quest: Embrace a woman's

Welcome to the Isekai Convenience StoreChapter 9

Kim Dojin' is the manager of a convenience store in the other world he was suddenly pulled into. He was spending his days in a body that didn't get aroused when a virgin girl who came to his store revived his senses?! "The taste of a clumsy virgin gi

Pervert DiaryChapter 69

The congested subway line 1 with no space to step on, the sticky and tenacious touch that rummages through the gaps in the skirt, and the fear of being seen by someone and the tremendous ecstasy he feels at the same time make him addicted to harassme

Drunk on YouChapter 54

After gaining admission to Han University in Seoul, Yunho is sent to live with his brother, Yunsoo, and his wife, Yoosun. But when he walks on his sexy sister-in-law breastfeeding, he is unable to shake the image from his mind. Coupled with the knowl

Tutoring the Lonely MissusChapter 22

Sangtae takes on an art tutoring job as a last resort, but the married women in this new town are looking for something more. Who knew this boring job could be so fun?

Elf Who Likes To Be HumiliatedChapter 77.5HOT

The Lord of the Deharem family, Theorad bought an elf sex slave, as if he was hypnotized. However "You bought an elf as a sex slave?! Viscount, are you insane!?" He realized how scary of a being the elf he brought was after hearing these words Will T

Moby Dick RawChapter 16

One day, the dead broke Hoonsang receives a suspicious business card, which grants him a new life in a new city called Bannam-dong, the cheating city, as well as a ton of money. "You will be a gift' to the VIPs. Give them pleasure they can never forg

The Quiet Girl’s Erogenous ZoneChapter 34

Sympathizing with him, I invited him to my house and took off his worn-out clothes in the dressing room, but what I saw underneath his clothes were beautiful boobs that a man shouldn't have!? What's more, that night, for some reason, I ended up sleep

BluemingChapter 24

"Sex, sex, sex What's the big deal about sex?!"Gyuri, a native of Jeju island, is only interested in turning her cafe into a big brand. But her happy daily life is suddenly disrupted by a rude customer criticizing the taste of her coffee, calling it

With My Brother’s FriendsChapter 9

It hasn't even been that long since Son Yeonhee's brother, Son Yeolchan, forbids her from drinking but then she gets caught. by her brother's friends!

Seoul Kids These DaysChapter 34

Park Do-Kwon, the protagonist, returned to school in Seoul as a native. Girls from the rural provinces start to gather around him to learn the Seoul dialect'. "They said students from Seoul are known for having sex." These girls seem to have some mis

Stepmother’s Past RawChapter 5

Vivid moans between father and stepmother's copulation, and the death of his mother who couldn't stand the reality. Having witnessed all of this with his own eyes, Jaehyun lived with nothing but hatred for his stepmother. However, for reasons unknown

Supervisor AccessChapter 105

Hyun-Woo is an ordinary office worker whose life couldn't get any more boring. His new life begins with the sound of a message beep Engage in intercourse with a female employee, fail to do so and lose a month's salary.'

The Law of Reincarnation RawChapter 74

The second chance that came as if destined to achieve a long-term crush, the main character returned to New Year's Day three years ago. But her effort to get closer to her returns to the temptation of a fierce last-year student who was only dedicated

Succubus System RawChapter 56

Minseok, a high school graduate who could barely get a job, had no choice but to endure the female team leader's nagging as well as constantly being called and harassed on his breaks. Then one day, with an unfamiliar hypnosis app installed on his pho

SSS-Class Undercover Agent RawChapter 20

This exciting story involves the landing of a nuclear missile, codenamed "Nuclear Warhead," in the North. Nuclear Warhead's' 69th mission is to subjugate a wealthy South Korean family's daughter!However, due to an accident during his mission, he unex

Trap (Pornhwa) RawChapter 75

"Actually, I like my Oppa... And I want to do it with him" Kim Hyunwoo, who has always been successful, with such a manly appearance and self-assured. However, he is...

The Owner Of A Building RawChapter 133HOT

Ha-ri who is kind and pretty who is the landlady of a building, always takes care of Min-Woo who was abandoned by his parents and now lives in their house, Min-Woo calls Ha-ri "Tia" ... I feel bad for myself when I say that I don't see her the same w

Secret Class RawChapter 210

Dae Ho, who became an orphan at the age of 13, was adopted by his father's friend. However, Dae Ho in adulthood knew nothing about the relationship between men and women. Aunt and sisters decided to give pure Dae Ho a secret class...

Making Friends With Streamers by Hacking!Chapter 12

On a particular day, an application was installed on Sunwoo's phone. Sunwoo finds out about female BJ streamers' hidden secrets using the app. He then uses those secrets to get closer to the girls

The 17th SonChapter 26

Dongha is the 17th son of a historic family. One day, he heard the absurdity that all women in his village would be his bride candidates every night, and the women visited Dongha's room. "If you will have a son, then you will give the family wealth a

Regressed Warrior’s Female DominanceChapter 4

I was swung around in my past life but this time I'll live the way I want to. I'll fuck all the beautiful women, my female domination starts now!

Seniors of Class 5Chapter 63

A walk down memory lane of school memories filled with studying and bullying. After graduation, each student who was a senior of Class 5 receives a message to participate in an alumni reunion. No one knows who sent the message. A reward of $10,000 an

Hana’s Demons of LustChapter 82

Hana thought she would only be haunted by the demons of the past, however, she soon learns that demons come in many shapes and sizes. After coming in contact with lust demon Luxuria, Hana soon finds herself wanted by just about every lust demon that

Troublesome SisterChapter 71

Eun-Seol, who always took care of me and played with me when my friends didn't play with me because I was sick. The problem is that even when you become an adult, you treat them like a baby. In the end, even when I came to college, the nickname Bae-d