The Third PartyChapter 63.5

A rich and beautiful girl, and the heiress to the GBS broadcasting center. A handsome aspiring news anchor with limitless ambitions. A gorgeous backstage producer with a secret. Three people with different goals and desires. A triangle love thriller

Moonlight GardenChapter 98 - Epilogue 3 (The End)

The enchanting flower maidens of Moonlight Garden are coveted by all, as they are known to provide sexual pleasures beyond the imagination. But Dohwa, a young flower maiden who has not yet “bloomed,” concocts potions in the hopes of escaping her dest

Lilith 2Chapter 71

This is the continuation of with a new artist Jaehee comes across as a shy, hard-working high school teacher. But behind closed doors, she gets her kicks by kneeling at the end of a whip, with her childhood friend Huilin holding the handle. However,

LilithChapter 24

As far as anyone can tell, Jaehee is a shy, hard-working high school teacher. Once she’s behind closed doors and drawn curtains, Jaehee enjoys spending her time kneeling at the end of a whip. And no one enjoys holding the handle more than her childho

PulseChapter 67.5 - Special Episode

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is about two people that meet with minimal expecta

ElixirChapter 55 - The End

Eunha is heartbroken when she finds out her high school sweetheart, Siyeon, used an elixir to make her fall in love. When the two reunite 10 years later at a business meeting, Siyeon asks for a second chance. But before they can talk things out and r

It Would Be Great if You Didn’t ExistChapter 80.5 - Epilogue

Chrissy—Chrysanthemum—Han met the love of her life as she hit rock bottom. Her boyfriend cheated with another woman and, worst of all, she was cute! When the other woman decides to pay off the debt of Chrissy’s ex boyfriend, Chrissy can’t help but sl

Her PetChapter 74

Gayoon decides to enroll into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha’s loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha’s once true friend – Happy, Soha’s pe

Blooming SequenceEpilogue - Creator's Note

Seowoo, president of the film club, is standing outside in the rain, a welcome break from the noisy and chaotic bar behind her, when a girl with orange hair stumbles out the doors and practically into her arms. Then she begins singing “Dancing in the

SerenadeChapter 81 - The End

A professor living a successful life with a secret. Two students who each have a hold on their mentor: one who knows her secret and another who reminds her of her first love… A romantic thriller that will leave you hanging for more.

White Angels Have No WingsEpilogue

A Catholic school where everything seems tranquil and fine. But for Ayeon, a day doesn’t pass without getting bullied until one day, Yeonhwa steps in against the bullies. Ayeon is grateful for Yeonhwa but what she doesn’t realize is that there seems

Two Birds in SpringChapter 62 - The End

Sena’s built the perfect life for herself. She a has a caring boyfriend, a job she actually enjoys, and all the comforts she could hope for. But behind her happy facade, she hides a past marred by a past relationship with another woman. Jinri isn’t t

Taste My Sweet Jelly BodyChapter 12

“The First Prize Semi Grand Prix Winner of the Monk Manga” With her jelly body, she twists around Kurono sweetly… and the pleasure that spreads throughout Kurono’s body has deprived her from her freedom…

Hagure Idol JigokuhenChapter 81

This is the story of Misora Haebaru, an 18-year-old karate expert from Okinawa who went to Tokyo to enter the entertainment industry in hopes of supporting her family. She gets tricked into being a gravure idol who wears lewd clothing and is forced e

Saikin Kono Sekai wa Watashi dake no Mono ni Narimashita……Chapter 85

A hot nymphomaniac wakes up one morning to find that everyone in the world has disappeared…

DallaeChapter 24.5 - Epilogue

Bo-eun has recently acquired a furry little roommate named Dallae (Korean for azalea), who she met in an azalea field. Dallae has her own schedule, though, and comes and goes as she pleases. Meanwhile, Bo-eun can’t seem to stop dreaming about a misse

Trash.Vol.7 Chapter 51: Reminiscence (3)

The mafia boss of the Iwashi family is a high school girl named Konomi Minoko. But don’t let her appearance fool you; she has done and seen things normal citizens can’t even imagine. Under her control are two assassins who have gained legendary statu

Kagaku na YatsuraChapter 9

Haruki is a teenage boy who has two friends that are not very ordinary. Ayana has been transformed to be part dog, as shown by her dog ears and tail. Ayana also has enormous lactating breasts. Airi, on the other hand, is a cyborg girl, and she’s got

My JoyChapter 26 - The End

The school’s fastest track star, Namsu. An old friend from the past, Hye-Yeon. Everyone’s adorable sweetheart, Joy. High-school romance at it’s best! The comic that made Pito one of the best in the GL genre.

Bunkou no Hito-tachiChapter 29

Yoshida ♂ and Dobashi ♀ are the only students at a branch school in the countryside. Later they have joined a third student, Kobayashi ♀.

Tae-chan and Jimiko-sanChapter 21

No synopsis yet – check back soon!

Daily WitchChapter 65 - Epilogue

The current world no longer has any need of special powers. Thus, witches have lost their value and are not that different from humans. That’s why Misty lives a normal life with her fellow witches, Eve and Baba Yaga, while earning a living as a BL ge

When Budding Lilies BlossomChapter 9

Rena and Manami originally planned to have a romantic Christmas date, but when Manami catches a cold, their happy holiday is put on hold. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve – Rena heads to Manami’s to make up for a lost time, but once she arrives questio