You Can Grope It, if Only 10 Times…Chapter 15

"You can grope my boobs but Only 10 times." "There's a concert that I really want to go to, so let me stay over." That is what a childhood friend, Mayu, said when coming to his house. This being the first time seeing each other since graduating high

The Secret Bedroom of the Forsaken PrincessChapter 22

Princess Llewelyn was once an outstanding princess but is now miserably abandoned. An ugly curse is placed upon her with no one to protect her. It is a curse that makes her lust for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom Four men

The Change of SeasonsChapter 8

In order to have a woman who keeps appearing in his dreams, Gyu-young, Yoon-geon sets a trap. "If you're not feeling good, you can use me," Yoon-geon whispers to Gyu-young, who is heartbroken over her fiance who cheated on her with her friend, to use

Door to DoorChapter 10

Wannabe writer Park Dae-gu knows how to coast through life. With no real job or ambition, he is perfectly content sitting at home and mooching off his wife. When he and his wife move into a new apartment building with a funny name, Dae-gu is ready to

Big Boss Gone BadChapter 18

Woo Soo-Han is what you would call the "complete package." He's young, physically fit, handsome, and has a flourishing career to boot. He's got everything anyone could ever desire, except maybe a relationship. That never bothered him, as work has alw

Alive and SwellChapter 12

Su-Yeon loses her husband in an accident and lives hard every day. A familiar but lowly man approaches her one day. The shaman gives Su-Yeon advice that her husband is alive. Is this man, by any chance, my husband?

Honestly, I like you a lot!Chapter 6

Ji-Hyuk reunites with his old female friends from college to celebrate his finally entering the workforce.The always cold Lim Ji-Ah' and the cute Choi Yoon-Ha' with her bob cut.After Yoon-Ha went home early, an already awkward situation for Ji-Ah and

I Really Love IT! RawChapter 7

Ji-Hyeok, who drank with friends after a long time to celebrate getting a job, meanwhile, cold girl Lim Jia and short-haired cute Choi Yunha go to Ji-hyeok's house. What is the cold Lim Jia hiding?

The Hole is OpenChapter 7

JA-KANG inherited his grandfather's store. In the secret room, there is a secret "hole" ?!

Depths of MaliceChapter 74

"Proud Carter, it's all thanks to you my life has been ruined!" Rita, a lady of noble, became a bar waitress with a limited lifespan because of him. There are many days when she wants revenge but doesn't have a blade to hold on to.One day, A foreign

Succubus SystemChapter 5

Minseok, a high school graduate who could barely get a job, had no choice but to endure the female team leader's nagging as well as constantly being called and harassed on his breaks. Then one day, with an unfamiliar hypnosis app installed on his pho

Wanna live by the countryside?Chapter 3

After being discharged from the military, Jinwoo started working as a share house manager in his hometown. He accidentally reunites with his childhood bully friends. Can things be different now?'

#Follow MeChapter 5

Three girls, one guy, team project, easy, right? But what happens when the project turns non-academic? #Follow me to find out!

The ShowChapter 17

Welcome to "Mountain Loft." A reality TV show featuring 4 men and women aiming to win a million dollars. Oh, and anything goes!

I Picked up a self-proclaimed Heavenly DemonChapter 8
Martial ArtsRomance

"Do you intend to stare at this virgin of a girl?" One day, I picked up a girl who was flowing down a river. She had pink hair, rosy skin, and her nipples too While the only visible characteristic was that she was pink, she said that she was the grea

Pure LoveChapter 5

Since his childhood, he has only been chasing Sooyi's back. Sooyi kept trying to reject him under the pretext that he was too young for her, but she was the only woman for him. However, Sooyi got married during his military service "I'll bet my whole

LoveniverseChapter 3

The short story is brought to you by the artist of His Place.

Selfless 100%Chapter 19

In order to be admitted as a feature director, "Mun-Su" must win one more award at the Short Film Festival. Masterpieces are created by famous actors! In order to recruit "Kang Su-ah", a 1000 million actress who has returned to the theater and film d

Young HousemaidChapter 4

On a heavy rainy night, the sister next door, who disappeared 15 years ago, reappeared in wet clothes. The longer you spend time with them, the more you are drawn to yet suspicious of Sehee Noonan, who came as a housemaid.

Pervert Diary RawChapter 10

The congested subway line 1 with no space to step on, the sticky and tenacious touch that rummages through the gaps in the skirt, and the fear of being seen by someone and the tremendous ecstasy he feels at the same time make him addicted to harassme

A Young Maid RawChapter 11

On a night of heavy rain, the sisters next door who had disappeared 15 years ago reappeared in wet clothes. The more time they spend together, the more suspicious and attracted they become to their older sister "Se-Hee", who has been hired as a house

Too Good At MassagesChapter 8

One day, amidst a life of daily jerkoffs, Junhyun saves "Jin Ahyoung." After experiencing Junhyun's extraordinary massage abilities, Ahyoung introduces him to a female-only esthetic shop and Junhyun discovers that his massages arouse women?

Troublesome SisterChapter 4

Eun-Seol, who always took care of me and played with me when my friends didn't play with me because I was sick. The problem is that even when you become an adult, you treat them like a baby. In the end, even when I came to college, the nickname Bae-d

My Students RawChapter 7

"The disciples I taught were so mischievous?"Junhyung, who was a teacher, is expelled from the high school where he taught due to an unpleasant incident and ends up becoming a lonely man.Meanwhile, one by one, he meets his former students who have be

You Can Cum Three More Times, Right?Chapter 64

"He didn't touch me again today." Nanami, a full-time housewife, is frustrated. Her husband, Manabu, is a busy doctor, and he always comes home late. He never eats her cooking nor has sex with her. She's spent her days losing confidence as a woman. O

Blooming Summer Making Her Cum in Her Tight WetsuitChapter 9

She's polite and reserved, but when I see how the wetsuit clings to her flushed skin and perfectly plump bodyI can't stop thrusting!

Deviant DiaryChapter 12

From exhibitionism to voyeurism, a hot escape world that will erase the boring routine that happens every day!

A Sweet Family RawChapter 9

After being discharged from the army, Moon Tak is an unemployed man who has been living at his girlfriend's house for two years. At the club he secretly went to, he finds out the secret of his soon-to-be sister-in-law 'Young-ah' and receives a secret

Show Me Your ColorChapter 29

After getting hit by lightning, he starts seeing a girl's sensitive area! And now he can make them excited with just a slight touch. "I can't take it anymore!" But why are some lights in a different color? An exciting, colorful life is about to start

Traditional Erotic Fairy TalesChapter 4

Collection of Short Stories based on Korean fairy tales/ Folklore.

Office DesiresChapter 8

One little toy started it all. One tiny little toy. Office romance, secrets, and a bunch of Come join in on the office fun.

Hana’s Demons of LustChapter 46

Hana thought she would only be haunted by the demons of the past, however, she soon learns that demons come in many shapes and sizes. After coming in contact with lust demon Luxuria, Hana soon finds herself wanted by just about every lust demon that

A Friendship So ImpureChapter 25

[Mature Audiences Only] Siyeong and Jihoo are "just friends." At least, that's what Siyeong tells herself before they share a steamy night that redefines their relationship forever. How was she supposed to know that the guy who invited her to work at

I Want to Be an Alpha RawChapter 18

"Seong-Min" has lived a life without contact with women. He was full of anticipation that he might start a relationship after getting a job, but the only thing he greeted Seong-Min, who was exhausted after work, was an empty corner of the house. In t

I Can’t Stand It, AjummaChapter 7

Yongjun stayed at his friend's house for a few days during his college vacation. He was surprised by his friend's mother's young face and amazing body. He shouldn't think about this to his friend's mom

This World’s Breastfeeding Cafe RawChapter 13

I quit working at the cafe where I worked for 5 years so I could study for the civil service exam. But when I came home and woke up, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Sung-woo, who has a breastfeeding fetish, fell into a different world where drinking bre

Where is My Hammer? RawChapter 31

Loki Laufeyson, a student studying abroad charged with stealing Thor's hammer, Mjolnir' which disappeared overnight. A spectacular harem lives with the beautiful goddesses who will come into contact with him to find the missing Thor's hammer.

Slave Knight of the Elf RawChapter 23

I've been caught by the evil elves. What was awaiting me was a life far worse than death is what I thought The instinct of an elf is the desire for strong men?! What? And the ratio of male to female elves is 2 to 8!? How will I, Yushin Gilliard, esca

This World’s Breastfeeding CafeChapter 11

I quit working at the cafe where I worked for 5 years so I could study for the civil service exam. But when I came home and woke up, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. Sung-woo, who has a breastfeeding fetish, fell into a different world where drinking bre

Pleasure ChamberChapter 19

What is a girl to do when her irresponsible brother gets the family in another bind, this time to the tune of half a million dollars?! Kim Shihyun hasn't had an easy life and her brother isn't making it any easier. Luckily for Shihyun, she has a solu

Magnetic PullChapter 65

A flock of women is getting pulled into this new divorc's life. Is there a magnetic pull that's at work? Or is Joey's ex-wife jinxing him?

She's Not My Sister RawChapter 14

Seo-Hee, who was like a real big sister, confessed to me hypnotically?! Ji-Ho, the older brother who has to live with his sister somehow to keep her from leaving, starts pretending to be hypnotized and pretends to be dating to get his sister...

Ma’am, it’s on SALE!Chapter 20

JIN-HONG, who started working part-time at a mart, experiences a strange happening on his first day of work with his co-worker, "JIN-KYUNG." Since then, JIN-HONG, who keeps thinking about the day, keeps making mistakes and JIN-KYUNG, who sees it, cal

My Aunt in PubertyChapter 31

His aunt caught him while he was enjoying a private moment. Living with two beautiful girls isn't always good! "I'm going to go crazy at this rate!"

Peach SorbetChapter 57

It is complex that Moa has no first-time experience.I think it's natural to do it when you become an adult.It's hard to naturally intervene in sex stories with friends.Then one day, while playing the truth game with the club members, she tries to esc

Sharing is CaringChapter 14

Jihyuk and Seyoung are high school sweethearts and newlyweds. Their good friends, Taehwan and Rina, are married and live right next door. The four of them decide to go on a trip to the hot springs where an unexpected incident makes their friendship c

Using 100 Boxes of Condoms With My Childhood Friend!Chapter 15

"After you put the condom on, you have sex, don't you!?" Practicing putting on a condom with my childhood friend!? I'll diligently teach her with one-hundred condoms!

Show Me Your BustChapter 14

University student Kang Ji-ho accidentally saw Seon Woo-hui's breasts at a drinking party and avoids her because she couldn't resist the desire to see them again."Just give it to me straight. Why are you avoiding me?""If I tell you straight up, won't