Boss ReverseChapter 32 - The End

Kim jin-ho, an intern who is filled with dreams of becoming a full-time job after finding a job at a large company. However, waiting for jin-ho was a special and dizzying “education” for new recruits of beautiful bosses.

Up and DownChapter 75

“When you go to work, don’t you at least have sex with one of the women there?” with his friend’s advice in mind, Dong Woo who just joined a new company will meet his new hot president.

I Want To Know HerChapter 35

Seong Jin, an editor of a men’s magazine, spends his new working life as quietly as possible, until one day, during the workshop he attended with the women from his editorial department, one of them ‘assaulted’ him in the middle of the night. Without

Gu-Ho’s EscapeChapter 30

“Gu-ho, can you help take a look at mine?” Gu-ho and Yoonji were reunited as new employees at BS Electronics. Yoonji, who is famous for her beauty, approached him affectionately, and Gu-ho, with his open-mindedness, devotes himself to her. But Yoonji

Our Office StoryEpilogue 3

Ahn was a mature and attractive older woman I met through my company’s task force. Wise and caring, that’s how I became captivated with her… However, she was also a woman with a child.

Fallen FlowerChapter 60

Office worker Mirae just wants a happy life with her boyfriend. But how long can her dream last?

Fire Me If You CanChapter 40 - Side Story 4 (The End)

Geum Aji doesn’t want to be secretary to young, handsome CEO Cha Do-hwan. She’s been forced into the job by her uncle, and her parents have explicitly forbidden her from resigning voluntarily. Meanwhile, Do-hwan doesn’t want quirky, honest Geum Aji a

A Spoonful of Your LoveChapter 66

After choosing romance over career, Yeonju is left with nothing but pain and a determination to never date again. She manages to land herself a position at a conglomerate where she finds out her new boss is none other than her former classmate, Jaehy