Girls of the Wild’sChapter 260 - The End

Wild’s High has a 42-year history as a fighting specialized, girls only, private high school meant solely for the elite. It is also the place that Wild’s-League is held: the most popular event in the country and the only place in the world where teen

Golden ScaleChapter 62

Note : This content is UNCENSORED A little Beijing hooligan who finished college in the United States was lucky enough to win the California State Lottery. He bribed the General Manager of a Multinational Investment Company and got the opportunity to

Goddess HuntingChapter 50 - The End

In order to be the god of sex, the condition of having to wager with the Jade Emperor is to do sex with all 12 fairy women. Can he conquer all the goddesses safely?

GomusinChapter 45

Kim Soo-jin, the woman who opened my eyes to the castle! But as soon as she enlisted, she put her rubber shoes upside down… And with the huge US Army..!! She can’t forget her hot night with him. Suddenly, he became the troublemaker of his unit and a

Good NightChapter 34 - The End

Simon, the ‘Do It Dude’, runs errands for people. One day he meets his childhood friend ‘Iris’, who works at a club, in the worst way possible…

Gu-Ho’s EscapeChapter 30

“Gu-ho, can you help take a look at mine?” Gu-ho and Yoonji were reunited as new employees at BS Electronics. Yoonji, who is famous for her beauty, approached him affectionately, and Gu-ho, with his open-mindedness, devotes himself to her. But Yoonji

God of AppChapter 81

It only takes two fingers to seduce a woman! Your new life begins now.

Ghost LoveChapter 63.5

Hearing that his sleeping disorder can be cured by sleeping naked, Hojin decides to try it out. Little did he know that a ghost was living in his house. Little did he know that the ghost was a girl. Little did he know that the ghost was into his nake

GilgameshChapter 172

Tludia was on her way to become a Knight within the Order when she was unexpectedly kicked out for breaking too many weapons and – wait for it – eating too much. But that doesn’t mean she should stand idly by when she witnesses an old man about to be

Give and TakeChapter 49

What will happen to two couples as they try to keep their sham marriage a secret?

Girl Next DoorChapter 75

My wife died. The only thing that changed is that I’m now alone in this place where there were two of us and the girl next door doesn’t come over anymore. This used to be the only change.


A 15-year-old 2nd year middle school student’s clumsy and awkward first love. In the same university as her first love whom she had broken up with, they face each other again next to her room! A 20-year-old who is still confused and clumsy on what is

God of BlackfieldChapter 149

“Who am I?” The legend of the French Foreign Legion, ‘Kang Chan’! During the African war, he was called ‘God of Blackfield’, the black land’s God, by his enemies who were terrified but in awe of him. However, during a mission to kill Masallan, the br

Gaishuu IsshokuChapter 30

A doormat of a realtor who’s not over his last breakup. A blackmailing, foul-mouthed young female mangaka who’s run away from home. Put them under one roof and this is probably what you’d get.

Grand Disciple RawChapter 79

Yong-Min was dumped every single time he had sex because of his oversized dick. One night, when he was working overtime, he witnessed a woman's orgasm?!!"Please accept me as your disciple!!" said Yong-min who soon later became a disciple of a master

Galewind Murim TalesChapter 30

The protagonist, who was thoroughly enjoying training female characters in a game, unexpectedly finds himself falling into the world of Murim. At first, he was bewildered and desperately striving to survive. However, as time passed, he become stronge

Golden Sun RawChapter 55

"I prefer a man who covets and steals my body than a nice man..." Gwangmin, a nice guy who likes comics, is ignored for not being attractive as a man. He ends up copying the cartoon character to be different, and the look is like...blonde, tan, and t

Good Girl RawChapter 30

‘Changsu’ starts a big business in response to the saying that Health Center is the mainstream. However, in the midst of losing money every day because of being unable to do business, sales rise vertically after selecting an Albasaeng with a sensual

Gomusin RawChapter 45

Kim Soo-jin, the woman who opened my eyes to the castle! But as soon as she enlisted, she put her rubber shoes upside down… And with the huge US Army..!! She can't forget her hot night with him. Suddenly, he became the troublemaker of his unit and a

Girlfriend's Man rawChapter 25

The shabby model wannabe Donggi has been in unrequited love for her classmate Yeonji since high school. However, after accidentally seeing other alumni, the successful famous model Yoo-Seok and Yeon-Ji, making love, when a heartbroken motive closes h

Girlfriend and Slave RawChapter 30

She crushes the sexy Ju Seo-Young, but her confession is first confessed by the cute and cute Lim Ji-Eun! Is it sexy or cute!! As Myeong-Hoon, who stands at a crossroads, learns the secrets of the two women, the relationship begins to get entangled.

Girls' Island: Only I Can Fuck Them All!Chapter 15HOT

“Ah… Something’s entering me…!” Her whole body trembles with pleasure she has never experienced before… No! Deep inside… It’s coming…!

Girls’ University Club Sex TrainingChapter 57

"Aaah! If you rub me there, I'm gonna lose my mind"A female college student, Serina, is approached by a boy from another school, Touma, during a dance club training camp. Touma gives a lesson to the shy and introverted Serina, but he soon stretches o

Girl RebornChapter 27 - The End

Eunsung one day wakes up to find out he’s a girl! He’s able to hide his change of gender from everyone… or so he thought. His secret is discovered by his crush on day one and moreover, she asks him to pose as a nude model for her! How will Eunsung’s

GigantChapter 77

Rei Yokoyamada, a high school boy whose father works for Toujou's film production is inspired to create his own short film with his friends. One day, while out to scavenge actors for his film, he spots a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with

Golden FacadeChapter 53

"I like bad boys over nice guys" Kwangmin, a model student and a manga lover, gets overlooked for not being masculine enough. He undergoes a self-transformation which turns him into a blond and tanned fuckboy?

Girls’ OnlyChapter 42

A man finally gets his first job only to find out he was hired for a more discrete and rewarding job.

G Joushi!Chapter 18

“If girls didn’t masturbate, that place would smell.” Two high school girls were shocked at the article which was written in a magazine. They have never done it, however, they are going to try.

Girlfriend Zombie RawChapter 42.5

A couple decides to move in together. That much sounds simple enough – except that it isn’t when the whole apartment complex is crawling with zombies, werewolves, and succubi. He’s a half-skeleton with a functioning lower body, while she’s a full-on

Gangnam Romance RawChapter 88

Countless girls come into this industry for money. Just think about it, do you think you can actually find love here?

Gender Swap and Naughty Checkup!Chapter 18

One day, due to the failed experiment in the chemistry club, Makoto turned into a woman. His senior and advisor were curious about it, so they began to lick his boobs and stir up his private parts!! His freshly made pussy was very sensitive, slippery

Greed GameChapter 27

"In this game, you win if the male participant orgasms." In-ho was offered to participate in a depraved death game by a mysterious woman named Terry. Inho's gamble with his life on the line begins now!

Gimyo RawChapter 30

Kim In-oh is caught living with her childhood friend Chae-rim, and her girlfriend, Hani, tells a lie to appease the angry Hani. 'Actually, Chaerim is Reds!', 'Is that right? Then I want to live with you too!' With Hani's unexpected declaration, the s

Go Away, Mr.DemonChapter 243

Silver opened a book, and now he has to deal with a hungry demon lord! Will this relationship be alright?

Gamble RawChapter 65

Hyun-Ho, a gambler who gained popularity under the name of Jack. He lost all the money he had overnight, so after losing gambling on his wife, he hides in a secluded rural village. A mysterious woman who has come to find such a woman... Because of he

Girlfriend of FriendChapter 96

In order to make Gyeong-Su, someone who has never had a girlfriend’s dream come true, his best friend and his friend’s girlfriend started a series of one-on-one special training… You can twist the woman somehow. One point lecture to actually make ima

Guest HouseChapter 25

Does alcohol turn the timid guy into a bad boy? An unexpected side of a timid glasses guy! The story about the life of a guesthouse owner.

God ModelChapter 42

No Summary yet

Goddess Conquest RawChapter 38

Chris-Woo, who is always dumped by his girlfriends, starts to get in shape to be a new house that gets all the women he wants... One day after exercising a very sexy girl makes him a proposal... have a drink after the training?

Graduation SexChapter 12

“The truth is, I’ve always wanted you to fuck me.” The couple promised not to touch each other until graduation day, but after that, they indulge in having sex right away.

Glue RawChapter 36

“Ah-Heung, a thousand won” What if she lived next door?!

Gang NoirChapter 53 - The End

The story of the strongest member of the Yacha Clan and the street fighters that hope to topple him!

God of PleasureChapter 7

Daeho wants to cure his sex addiction and he meets Minhee, who is the counselor in charge of his treatment. Daeho casually talks about obscene and shameful things as if it's nothing in front of Minhee who seems to have no experience

Glass no MegamiChapter 27

Sakura Keita, a university student, is in dire straits when he drops a graph critical to passing his class. However, he is rescued by his fellow student, Kurimiya Honoka, who manages to recover it for him. The two hit it off immediately, but will Kei

Goddess ConquestChapter 38HOT

Always getting taunted by women, "Woosuk" started working out in order to become a hot guy who's able to capture women's hearts. But one day, a female patron whose body was glistening with sweat from exercise approached Woosuk and asked "Want to grab

Grand DiscipleChapter 78.5

Yong-Min was dumped every single time he had sex because of his oversized dick. One night, when he was working overtime, he witnessed a woman's orgasm?!!"Please accept me as your disciple!!" said Yong-min who soon later became a disciple of a master

Girls I Used to TeachChapter 41

"My students were this lewd?" JUN-HYUNG got fired from the school after the shameful incident and ends up working at a convenience store. Meanwhile, he runs into his old students one by one who looks sexy and arousing.

Game of Familia: Kazoku SenkiChapter 36

The protagonist along with his step-mother, and 2 step-sisters(step-aunts) are summoned into another world where demi-humans are the rulers as saviors, but it not to fight against a demon lord, it to fight Undead Apocalypse monsters called "Dead Mell