Gacha Girl Next Door Raw

The Gacha Girl Next Door / 이웃집 가챠걸 / La Vecina Gacha

Authors : malgwang

Status : ONGOING

Genres :

Chapters: 9

Last update: 4 days ago

3.9 /5 (59 votes)

Namju, who moved into a new apartment, and Juhee, a special girl who lives next door to him. Just like receiving random gachas, there's only one way to regain her true self. Her face and body changes outside of her control, only with extreme consecutive climaxing can she come back to her normal self! Juhee, whose secret accidentally was revealed to Namju, appoints him as her sex partner to solve her mystery of transformation All men's ideal type is a woman who he has seen for the first time. A dizzying random romance with a Gacha Girl Next Door, who always hits Namju with a new look!

Gacha Girl Next Door Raw